February 4


Turning the Wheel to Imbolc

By Shannon Gorton

February 4, 2020

 Turning the Wheel to Imbolc

Magical Women Gathering are Celebrating:

Imbolg/Imbolc/Candlemas/St. Brigid’s Day

1 and/or 2 February 2020
Marking the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

  • Ancient Ways and traditional celebrations include: Multiple days of feasting, traveling to holy wells, divination, creating handmade Brigid’s crosses and spring cleaning.
  • More modern activities may include: planning your garden, watching the sunrise and sunset, enjoy relaxing beside a bonfire, collect a few stones and paint them with symbols that resonate with your current energy or symbols representing the “seeds” you are planting to bloom and harvest in the upcoming seasons.
  • Symbols: Candles, Fire/Flame, Holy Wells, Sheep, Goddess Brigid/St. Brigid, Fertility, Metalsmithing, Medicine, Creative Expression, Healer, Protectress, Guardian of Children. 

Song to Brighid by Lisa Thiel and Ani Williams can be found on YouTube. One of my favorite sacred timings songwriter/singers, Lisa Thiel.

Magical Love-Light Blessings as we turn the wheel to Imbolc.

May Your Light Forever Shine.

~ Blessed Be ~


Shannon Gorton

About the author

Shannon Gorton teaches women how to celebrate the rhythms of ancient cycles: maximizing connections, cultivating responsible and sustainable self, wellness, and wealth energy strategies today and each day; for themselves and for future generations. Shannon is unconditionally loved, guided, and supported through infinite time, space, place, and dimensions. She wholeheartedly and unconditionally supports and serves the Divine Feminine. - Illuminating Relationships and Creating Harmony - Shannon Gorton, Psychic Astrologer & Abundance Strategist Akashic Moon Oracle Astrology

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