December 21


Merry Yule!

By Shannon Gorton

December 21, 2019

Hello Gorgeous Souls,

Merry Yule Blessings and Winter Solstice Magic to you and your kin!

(Today, is my eldest son’s 14th birthday. Triple celebrations in our home.

Woohoo! Party time in the house!!!)

I wanted to share one of my favorite traditions with you. During the closing of the ceremonies of our seasonal Magical Pathways to Intuitive-Living celebrations, I play music that completely resonates with the sacred timing to activate the intentions set during the ritual portion of the ceremony.

My all-time favorite Divine Feminine-Witchy-Goddess music is written and performed by Lisa Thiel.

This morning, I selected Yule (Winter Solstice) by Lisa Thiel (via YouTube, Amazon Music or if you own her magical music on cds, download it to your computer.)

I turn up the volume, sing along, tune into the action realm, the element of Fire, and move to the music. I truly enjoy this holiday tune!

✨Magically Abundant Blessings✨
With Gratitude and Love,

Shannon Gorton

About the author

Shannon Gorton teaches women how to celebrate the rhythms of ancient cycles: maximizing connections, cultivating responsible and sustainable self, wellness, and wealth energy strategies today and each day; for themselves and for future generations. Shannon is unconditionally loved, guided, and supported through infinite time, space, place, and dimensions. She wholeheartedly and unconditionally supports and serves the Divine Feminine. - Illuminating Relationships and Creating Harmony - Shannon Gorton, Psychic Astrologer & Abundance Strategist Akashic Moon Oracle Astrology

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