Create Your Amazing 2020!

Hello Gorgeous Souls,

🥳Who is counting down to their new year and decade?

🥳Who is ready to rock it?

🥳Who is joining me for Magical Pathways to Intuitive-Living?

I'd love for you to join me and like-minded, 'Magical Women Gathering' for creating an amazing new year and inspiring start of a new decade for ourselves and the Collective.

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Merry Yule!

Hello Gorgeous Souls,

Merry Yule Blessings and Winter Solstice Magic to you and your kin!

(Today, is my eldest son’s 14th birthday. Triple celebrations in our home.

Woohoo! Party time in the house!!!)

I wanted to share one of my favorite traditions with you. During the closing of the ceremonies of our seasonal Magical Pathways to Intuitive-Living celebrations, I play music that completely resonates with the sacred timing to activate the intentions set during the ritual portion of the ceremony.

My all-time favorite Divine Feminine-Witchy-Goddess music is written and performed by Lisa Thiel.

This morning, I selected Yule (Winter Solstice) by Lisa Thiel (via YouTube, Amazon Music or if you own her magical music on cds, download it to your computer.)

I turn up the volume, sing along, tune into the action realm, the element of Fire, and move to the music. I truly enjoy this holiday tune!

✨Magically Abundant Blessings✨
With Gratitude and Love,

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2019 December

Dear Hearts,

What's your plan for achieving your most incredibly  abundant 2020? 

Do you:

✨Wonder when will it be you turn for an amazingly abundant life?"

✨Feel there is something missing in your life?

✨Know there is so much more... just around the corner?

✨Ask, "What is my purpose here?"

✨ Wish you had the right tools to sort it all out?

Are you ready to:

✨Commit now to Creating Your Abundant 2020?

✨Meet your personal Spirit Guides,  Astrological Archetype Guides and the 12 Gates of Awareness?

 ✨Connect with Nature, the Seasons, the Elements and the Moon cycles?

✨Manifest amazing abundance in all areas of your life?

✨Live an incredibly amazing life, flowing with gratitude, love  and inspiring high vibe energy - Every day?

If you answered, "Yes!" to any or all of these questions...

You ready to start on your Magical Pathways to Intuitive-Living journey!

It's Your Time to Shine!

2020 New Year, New Decade! 

Wholeheartedly, I desire to serve and guide you to discover and tap into the amazing tools you have within you and connect to: The eight magical- seasonal celebrations, Nature, the Elements, the Moon cycles and so much more; to create your fantabulous, abundant Magical Pathways to Intuitive-Living 2020 Journey!

I look forward to an incredibly, amazing 2020. 

May if flow with love, gratitude & expected and unexpected abundance from infinite sources.

✨Magically Abundant Blessings✨

With Gratitude and Love,

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