February 6


5th January 2020

By Shannon Gorton

February 6, 2020

Wrapping Loving, Healing Energy Around the Earth

I took this photo at my favorite local nature preserve. Our bond, the Tree People and I, is strong and their energy speaks to me in this lifetime as well.

When I heard this tree call to me; I stopped and received my sacred message. Expressed gratitude and asked permission to take this photo with my camera phone; again expressing deep gratitude for this heart-centered energy exchange.

When meditating, I picture that the tree is me and I am lovingly, wrapping myself around our beautiful, precious planet and with gratitude, loving, healing, peaceful energy emanating from every molecule in my body.

~Shannon Gorton~

Shannon Gorton

About the author

Shannon Gorton teaches women how to celebrate the rhythms of ancient cycles: maximizing connections, cultivating responsible and sustainable self, wellness, and wealth energy strategies today and each day; for themselves and for future generations. Shannon is unconditionally loved, guided, and supported through infinite time, space, place, and dimensions. She wholeheartedly and unconditionally supports and serves the Divine Feminine. - Illuminating Relationships and Creating Harmony - Shannon Gorton, Psychic Astrologer & Abundance Strategist Akashic Moon Oracle Astrology

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