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Cuppa, Cards, Candles and Crystals with Shannon Gorton

Hello and a lovely, warm welcome to you. I’ve just put the kettle on, won’t you join me for a cuppa?

Please come in, make yourself comfortable and join me by the hearth.

I’m thrilled that you are here!

As someone who has lived her life being drawn to the cycle of the seasons, nature, the elements and magic, I have spent just about my entire life, living and learning in alignment with a nature based, seasons of the year, spiritual and magical path.

WooWoo aka Magical Things:

For as long as I can remember, my life has been linked to the magic of all that is, particularly that of nature and art. Over the past few of decades, my life has become immersed in magic. As a life-long student, I enjoy learning and expanding my knowledge of people, our world and our Universe -- Truly fascinating!

I have given creative birth to my in-service of the Divine Feminine calling: Magical Making Creatives©–is an Illuminated Cosmic Web Community© - where you will learn how to align with your Co-Creation Essence© - You will get crystal clear and illuminate your path, change your stars and achieve the amazing dream life/business/lifestyle you are so worthy and deserve with a Magical Manifesting Mindset©️.

As Artisans and Creatives we are inspired to explore and expand our creative endeavors outside the proverbial box. When we delve into our art and/or crafting projects, we are co-creating. We use our imagination and receive inspiration from a variety of sources and materials. Our inspiration also stems from our world around us. Perhaps an idea came to mind, maybe you saw something someone else made and you were inspired to create, incorporating your own sense of flair or style – your Co-Creative Essence©.

Creating using our own Co-Creative Essence© is magical. An idea, like a seed, comes to us and we gather our tools and supplies and start creating. No worries, if you run up against a challenge either. The beauty of expressing our own Co-Creative Essence© is that there is no wrong way of creating. You are unique and so is your creative style. I’ve heard many Artisans and Creatives, myself included, say, “Creating Art and or Crafting is my Happy Place.”

My first and foremost “Happy Place” is when my Soul is aligned with my Co-Creation Essence and I’m living my life with love-light energy flowing magic.

There is a lot of truth to this statement, we are naturally Co-Creatives and our own Essence is something that is unique. Discovering your Co-Creative Essence© is truly a magical journey to discovering the magic in all that is, including the magic in You.

If we don’t quite know how to fine tune a technique or what type, size or quantity to use of any art or crafting medium, you know you have options. A quick chat with your Artisan/Crafting Bestie/Buddy, a check-in with your favorite group on FB, or a search on YouTube can get you going in the right direction.

The same applies to discovering magic, manifesting a positive mindset, expansive energy and creating your dream life. Think of me as your Magical Manifesting Mindset© Coach. I have been called to share my knowledge of magically manifesting a positive mindset in a safe and expansive Magical Makings for Creatives© an Illuminated Cosmic Web© Community.

Do you have dreams, goals, glimpses and/or visions of the type of life and/or business and lifestyle you’d love to create for yourself? Do you want to learn how to magically manifest all of this and more?

Do you desire to have magic in your life? Do you yearn to have more magic in your life?

Have you connected with your Magical Co-Creation Essence?

Don’t settle for a less than worthy life experience. You deserve to live without fear, lack and negativity. You deserve and are so worthy of a magically abundant, beautiful, love, joy, laughter-filled life.

You have what it takes inside you to create your biggest dream life!

I’m going to be honest, long-gone are the days of fearing your strong connection to the magical realm of discovering, learning and stepping into your own Co-Creation Essence© and manifesting all that you are worthy of and so much more.

It’s truly your time to Sparkle and Shine!

If what I’m saying to you resonates with you, if hearing these words stirs something inside of you…listen to your inner voice. Know that it’s your time to shine. It’s your time to start your discovery journey.

The beauty in starting your journey, no matter where you are in your life, is that each Soul has different experiences on their journey. We meet many, many Souls along the way.

On your journey to discovering your own magical Co-Creation Essence©, you will learn more about the magic that is all around you and within you. We will explore the strength and abundance in Magical You©, Gratitude, Mindset, Manifesting, Seasons, Nature and Moon Cycles. For those who are called to dive deeper, our Illuminated Cosmic Web Community© has many additional programs, workshops and retreats on these topics: Astrology, Angel-Oracle-Tarot Cards, Akashic Records, Chakras and more!

I invite you to join our global community of like-minded magical artisans and creatives and start your journey to discovering your own magical Co-Creation Essence©.

Illuminate your path and Co-Create the incredibly amazing life experience you are so worthy of living!

Want to learn more? I’d love to hear from you!

Schedule a Discovery Call with me now. Let’s share a cuppa and a conversation to see if working with me is something that resonates with you.

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Cuppa, Cards, Candles and Crystals with Shannon Gorton

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