Hi and Welcome, I am so happy you are here!

My name is Shannon Gorton, #1 International Bestselling Author, Divine Feminine Visionary and the Woobury Witch.

Recently, I have been gifted an incredibly amazing opportunity to be a voice for and share my knowledge of ancient pathways in a safe and sacred space community called Magical Women Gathering.

Here, I guide Magical Women to awaken the Divine Feminine within and to create their self-defined path to achieving their extraordinarily abundant lives.

 ~ Allow Yourself To Be Guided ~  Magical Women Gathering ~ Pathways To Intuitive Living ~

Magical Women Gathering

Pathways to Intuitive-Living

Each month, online Sacred Space includes a theme and exploring a plethora of aspects correlating with the current month/season:

  • 1-celebration/ceremony
  • 1-new moon ritual
  • 1-full moon ritual
  • 3x-Weekly Q&A calls
  • 3x-Weekly FB lives
  • 1x-Monthly, 1:1, 60-minute session with me
  • 24/7 All-access Pass to private for "Magical Women Gathering" paid membership only FB Group
  • Every other week;  Magical Women Gather in Circle to raise our energy and that of the Collective. We call in circle, sing (dancing is optional! 'wink' Connecting with the element of fire is a fantabulous way to set intentions into motion!), laugh, share, meditate,  and talk about the many facets of Goddesses... 
  • ...and so much more!

Soul-Seed Intuitive-Living Guidance

💖Are you being called to dive deeper?

💖Individual and personalized -  just for you - Magical Pathways and Intuitive-Living 1:1 packages available. 

💖Let's  connect.

Soul-Seed Blueprint and Astrological Guides Reading

I cast your Soul-Seed Blueprint and Astrological Archetype Guides Reading that is unique to you.

We meet in my personal online meeting room, where I facilitate ancient Soul-Seed Blueprint wisdom and detailed, 12 Gates of Awareness teachings in a quantum, 1:1 session. You will meet your personal Astrological Gateway Team and learn how tuning into their energy and blending Sacred Timings and working with the Moon Cycles accelerates your ability to work with your team and intentions to enhance your manifestations on multiple levels.

When booking, please be prepared to include your Birth:

Name, Date, Time and Location

Providing this information assures your blueprint and reading are specifically for you!

Journey With the Cards:

A Year of Infinite Possibilities

This is a magical and divinely-guided month-by-month journey with the cards. 

Explore infinite possibilities as I weave the energy of your magical year journey with the three cards per month I am guided to draw for you. 

You will receive; a recorded 60-min video and a PDF of your reading via email.

Note: This exclusive reading includes a lovely Bonus Gift from me, created especially for you.  When booking, please be prepared to include your

Birth: Name, Date, Time and Location

Providing this information assures your blueprint and reading are specifically for you!

Snapshot of Infinite Energetic Possibilities

Book your Oracle and Tarot card readings with me. Deeply connected with all that is, I share messages and insights about the current, magical energy around the infinite possibilities of opportunities and abundance.  These readings are bundled in sets of three, one per month for a Quarter Turn (3-Months).

 Inspired by Creativity and Magical Pathways

My magically, creative “Happy Place” is when I’m living my magical life with love-light energy flowing magic.

For as long as I can remember, my life has been linked to the magic and the connection of all that is, particularly that of nature, the cycles of seasons and the Moon, the elements and the weather.  Over the past few decades, my life has become enhanced with "feeling the feels" of living an intuitive, nature-based; nurturing and experiencing the deep connections with the seasons and cycles of Nature, the Moon, the Elemental Energy, the Astrological Archetypes, Oracle and Tarot card reading experiences.

What is Pathways to Intuitive-Living?

Pathways to Intuitive-Living is a journey to re-discovering the magic within you; your intuition and remembering and connecting to the magic in Nature, the Elements, the Seasons, the Moon cycles, Astrology, your Spirit Guides and so much more. The framework of my Intuitive-Living program begins with the daily practice of raising your energy and shifting your mindset to high vibrational energy. Starting with your inner light energy work creates the flow for your external energy work and environment.

Discovering your own Magical Pathway is truly a magical journey to discovering the magic in all that is, especially the magic in  and all around you.

Think of me as your Magical Pathways to Intuitive-Living Guide.

Magic is anywhere and everywhere you are. 

Welcome to Woobury and exploring our magical cosmic connection in all that is.  

One of my favorite affirmations/mantras is: 

I belong anywhere and everywhere.

My name is Shannon Gorton. I am the Woobury Witch, intuitively traveling an amazing,nature-based path each year. It is with expansive gratitude and love I am living my infinitely blessed, magical and financially abundant sparkling, fun, love, laughter and Soul-Seed Blueprint life.

Raising the collective energy, in service of the Divine Feminine, and sending ripples of love light and high vibration energy out into the Universe.

Experiencing and sharing with others, my magical journey each year with the cycles and seasons, connecting with the elements of nature, creating and teaching many forms of art and crafting in my workshop and in the community.

I adore spending oodles of magical time with my family, friends, and lovely clients as we celebrate the magical seasons of the year, the elements and the Moon, cooking/baking, walking, gardening, photography, arts and crafts, listening to music/dancing, reading, writing and traveling.

Shannon Gorton - Divine  Feminine Visionary,  #1 International Bestselling Author (in eight countries!), The Woobury Witch and an Alchemical Creation Goddess. Infinitely and unconditionally loved,  guided and supported, in service of the Divine Feminine, to share  ancient, nature-based pathways to intuitive-living

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