Illuminate your path, change your stars and connect with your Co-Creative Essence© at Magical Makings Creatives©

Do you have dreams, goals, glimpses and/or visions of the type of life  and/or business and lifestyle you’d love to create for yourself? Do you want to learn how to magically manifest all of this and more? 
Discovering your Co-Creative Essence© is truly a magical journey to discovering the magic in all that is, including the magic in You.

I’m going to be honest, long-gone are the days of being bullied into fearing the magical realm of discovering, learning and stepping into your own Co-Creative Essence© and manifesting all that you are worthy of and so much more.

Magical Makings Musings

On your journey to discovering your own magical Co-Creative Essence©, you will learn more about the magic that is all around you and within you. We will explore the magic, strength and abundance of gratitude, the seasons and nature, Solar and Lunar cycles, Astrology and more; and along the way you will change your stars and manifest your goals.

About Shannon Gorton

I’m the Creatrix of Magical Makings for Creatives© – An Illuminated Cosmic Web Community© where you will learn to connect to your Co-Creation Essence© by shifting, uplifting and expanding your mindset energy.  And I’m the Creatrix of Shan’s Magical Makings-Designer, Creative Coach and Artisan, I design and create unique, art, paper, craft supplies and gifts, specializing in Magical, Vintage, Shabby Chic and Boho themes and styles.

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