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Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Happy Words of Wisdom Wednesday!

Self-care comes to mind in pondering “words of wisdom” to share with you today. Self-care is multi-faceted and open to ones own interpretation; physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and multi-faceted forms of gratitude, affirmations, mindset, healthy lifestyle, etc.

From my perspective, gratitude is the solid foundation on which many forms of Self-care are built and where the seeds of magical manifestations (and more!) are lovingly planted and compassionately nourished. With a bit of guidance from me, daily practice and fully immersing yourself in gratitude journaling, you will raise your energy and manifest positivity throughout your day. With self-care, you determine what you achieve and manifest in your life and business. Self-care works like a compass, guiding you on your magical, manifesting journey.

Another form of Self-care is “grounding” a way of both anchoring and connecting or reconnecting to the cyclical energy of the Universe. This provides the inner-space conduit for centering and realigning your energy with that of the Universe.

Another key ingredient to healthy Self-care is affirmations. Affirmations are words of love, support and encouragement. These positive words, phrases, sentences can uplift and up level your mindset and energy. There are a number of ways one can choose to step into a positive mindset. Whether you create your own affirmations, borrow from the plethora already created or a blend of the two ~ you are the only one that knows what works for you. From there, you can type, write, sing, journal, and say your affirmations to support and encourage positive mindset growth. It is completely normal, healthy and rewarding to love, support and encourage yourself! With a positive mindset, you can magically manifest infinite abundance!

In cultivating a positive mindset, you are raising your energy. In raising your energy, you are contributing to raising the energy of the collective (which I define as global and universal energy). This ripple effect of raising energy is a key component of shifting from one paradigm to another and creating the peaceful, safe, compassionate, loving, forward thinking, innovative, magical world we envision for the next seven generations.

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