5th January 2020

Wrapping Loving, Healing Energy Around the Earth

I took this photo at my favorite local nature preserve. Our bond, the Tree People and I, is strong and their energy speaks to me in this lifetime as well.

When I heard this tree call to me; I stopped and received my sacred message. Expressed gratitude and asked permission to take this photo with my camera phone; again expressing deep gratitude for this heart-centered energy exchange.

When meditating, I picture that the tree is me and I am lovingly, wrapping myself around our beautiful, precious planet and with gratitude, loving, healing, peaceful energy emanating from every molecule in my body.

~Shannon Gorton~

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Turning the Wheel to Imbolc

 Turning the Wheel to Imbolc

Magical Women Gathering are Celebrating:

Imbolg/Imbolc/Candlemas/St. Brigid’s Day

1 and/or 2 February 2020
Marking the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

  • Ancient Ways and traditional celebrations include: Multiple days of feasting, traveling to holy wells, divination, creating handmade Brigid’s crosses and spring cleaning.
  • More modern activities may include: planning your garden, watching the sunrise and sunset, enjoy relaxing beside a bonfire, collect a few stones and paint them with symbols that resonate with your current energy or symbols representing the “seeds” you are planting to bloom and harvest in the upcoming seasons.
  • Symbols: Candles, Fire/Flame, Holy Wells, Sheep, Goddess Brigid/St. Brigid, Fertility, Metalsmithing, Medicine, Creative Expression, Healer, Protectress, Guardian of Children. 

Song to Brighid by Lisa Thiel and Ani Williams can be found on YouTube. One of my favorite sacred timings songwriter/singers, Lisa Thiel.

Magical Love-Light Blessings as we turn the wheel to Imbolc.

May Your Light Forever Shine.

~ Blessed Be ~


  • 11 months ago

Today’s Oracle Reading

Hello Gorgeous Souls,

Today’s Oracle Reading, brought to you by:

✨The Woobury Witch✨(Shannon Gorton)

Tune into...

The infinite energetic possibilities of these cards:


May also signify friends you have chosen/consider to be your family.  Beside you and in multiple dimensions loving, guiding and supporting you.

Transformation - Things are changing at a cellular level. Deep healing.:

Two days of this year (2019) and this decade. Take action to release that which no longer serves you, whether it be patterns, thoughts, actions, feelings, people, places, jobs, careers, material belongings, etc. Make room the Universe to fill the void with that which you desire to manifest! Letting go and releasing is a ginormous energy shifting tool you have the power to wield in your life. Claim it by writing down on a piece of paper what you are releasing, safely burn this paper and put the cool ashes in the ground, sending gratitude and loving thoughts for the lessons learned and your growth from these things being in your life. Donate items that no longer resonate with you; clothing, books, toys, linens, home decor, etc. Being mindful to express gratitude and loving energy for what these items have done to serve you at this time. Make room energetically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially for the Universe to respond to your intentions and present that which you know to be true: Infinite possibilities and opportunities of unlimited abundance from expected and unexpected sources.

You Are Stardust:

 It Is Your Divine Right to live an incredibly amazing and inspiring best life ever in human form. Free Will means that it is your Choice to Choose that which you desire to have in your Life. 

Have Faith in Your Dreams-Waxing Crescent Moon:

💖You have all of the tools within you to create your amazing life!

💖You have all of the resources available to you to start doing what makes your Soul shine!

💖You are unconditionally loved, supported and guided to live your best life!

💖You are unconditionally love, supported and guided to pursue your Soul-Flow purpose!

💖I believe in you!

✨Are you wondering why you are here and what your Soul-Flow Purpose is?

✨Do you want to experience the confidence of being tuned into, connected and guided by your intuition to live a Soul-Flow Purpose Life?

✨Do you want to wake up each morning knowing that you determine your energy and what an amazing day you are going to have?

✨Do you want to fall asleep at night knowing that you've shared a beautiful, Soul-Flow Purpose filled service to other women, raising your energy and the energy of the Collective, while earning money doing what you love to do?

💖If you answered, "Yes." You are you being guided to tune into Magical Pathways to Intuitive-Living; Nature, the Seasons, the Elements, the Moon cycles, 12 Gates of Awareness.

💖I'd love to have you join me and Magical Women Gathering for creating an amazing, magical journey and New Year 2020.

💖Quarter Turn (3-Months) and Magical Year Journey (12-Months) options available.

💖We start 2nd of January, 2020!

💖Register today!

With Gratitude, Love and Hugs,



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Create Your Amazing 2020!

Hello Gorgeous Souls,

🥳Who is counting down to their new year and decade?

🥳Who is ready to rock it?

🥳Who is joining me for Magical Pathways to Intuitive-Living?

I'd love for you to join me and like-minded, 'Magical Women Gathering' for creating an amazing new year and inspiring start of a new decade for ourselves and the Collective.

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Merry Yule!

Hello Gorgeous Souls,

Merry Yule Blessings and Winter Solstice Magic to you and your kin!

(Today, is my eldest son’s 14th birthday. Triple celebrations in our home.

Woohoo! Party time in the house!!!)

I wanted to share one of my favorite traditions with you. During the closing of the ceremonies of our seasonal Magical Pathways to Intuitive-Living celebrations, I play music that completely resonates with the sacred timing to activate the intentions set during the ritual portion of the ceremony.

My all-time favorite Divine Feminine-Witchy-Goddess music is written and performed by Lisa Thiel.

This morning, I selected Yule (Winter Solstice) by Lisa Thiel (via YouTube, Amazon Music or if you own her magical music on cds, download it to your computer.)

I turn up the volume, sing along, tune into the action realm, the element of Fire, and move to the music. I truly enjoy this holiday tune!

✨Magically Abundant Blessings✨
With Gratitude and Love,

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